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A Child's Place School

1409 West Front Street
Lincroft, NJ 07738

A Child's Place School is located in Monmouth County, NJ and offers a safe and stimulating education for children age 3-7. Their program includes half-day pre-school classes as well as a full-day kindergarten and first grade. They are accredited by the NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Manda's Music Together is proud to offer the Music Together® In-School Program and the Music Together In-School BIG KIDS Program here.

This school is a special place for young children to grow and prosper. The staff at A Child's Place encourages their students to build, to dance, to sing, to run, to be outdoors, to climb trees, to play with sand, clay, water, to wonder, to ask questions, to be listened to, to feel important, and to understand their feelings and those of others.

For over 40 years A Child's Place has been a place for young children to create from their own imaginations, to be themselves, to become a whole person eager to explore the world.

Please call them at (732) 747-0141 to schedule a visit.

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A Child's Place School