Rhythm Kids ONLINE(4-9yrs.)

Amanda Munice
Music Together® ONLINE (location map)
Thursday, 4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
04/08/21 - 06/17/21 (10 weeks)


Rhythm Kids is "what's next" for children who have aged beyond our Mixed Ages classes. This lively class offers our students plenty of opportunities to use their whole bodies - and their imaginations! - as we play our way through each activity. Rhythm Kids is designed for kids in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. We do a lot of singing, dancing, and drumming with Djembe drums throughout this 40 minute class experience and every student will have the chance to "take the lead" in a variety of activities at one point or another. Rhythm Kids participants receive a new set of take home materials every semester (these are different from the Nine Song Collections that are used in our Mixed Ages classes) to use for more music making at home during the week between class meetings. Djembe drums are available to Coastal Melodies students for purchase at a discounted price. While they are recommended for the "full effect" of the program, they are not necessary to achieve a fun-filled experience with our online classes. 

Upcoming Meetings
04/22/21    4:00 PM Thursday 04/22/21 4:00 PM
04/29/21    4:00 PM Thursday 04/29/21 4:00 PM
05/06/21    4:00 PM Thursday 05/06/21 4:00 PM
05/13/21    4:00 PM Thursday 05/13/21 4:00 PM
05/20/21    4:00 PM Thursday 05/20/21 4:00 PM
05/27/21    4:00 PM Thursday 05/27/21 4:00 PM
06/03/21    4:00 PM Thursday 06/03/21 4:00 PM
06/10/21    4:00 PM Thursday 06/10/21 4:00 PM